Who is selling these cars?

Usually not us. Unless we specifically say so, we don’t own these cars, and in fact, we haven't even seen them. All we know is what the seller says on their online ad or auction listing. So if you read about a 911 on our site, buy it, and then discover it has a 1300cc VW engine under the decklid, it's not our fault. Note: Our lawyer asks that you please click here to read our eloquent and ass-covering disclaimer.

Are there other sites that do the same thing?

Yep. Actually there are several.

So why do we need another one?

Maybe you don’t. Every site has their own personality and writing style, their own methods for finding cars, and their own "editorial guidelines" (i.e., opinions) for choosing which cars to feature. If you like this site, keep comin’ back. On any given day there are 80,000 cars on ebay alone, so just like there are a bunch of different car magazines, we think the internet has room for several sites to discover and spotlight interesting cars.

What do the categories WTF, Time Machine, etc., mean?

“WTF” means unexpected or surprising, maybe in a great way, maybe in a crazy way. Examples might include a supercharged mid-engined Honda-powered vintage Mini Cooper, pink Jaguar E-Type, shortened VW bus, vintage Toyota Corolla with big-block Chevy power, or electric Corvette station wagon. “Scary Fast” means scary fast. “Time Machine” is an old car that looks brand new. “Needs work” means needs work. “Sleeper/Swap” is a car with a car with unexpected performance and/or an engine swap. Some unmodified cars are sleepers, such as the Mazda 323 GTX (awd turbo version of the 323 economy car), but most sleepers are cars with oversized engines crammed in.

What if I’m only interested in a certain type of car?

You can click a category, country, year range, or type of vehicle, then just bookmark that for instant access to the newest posts that meet your specs.

Why only cover cars in the US and Canada?

We concentrate on those because we are most interested in those. There are enough interesting cars for sale in North America that we don't have the time to focus on other markets at this time.

Why do you only post new cars six days a week?

We post every weekday, and once on weekends. We figure your weekends are pretty booked, so we give you (and us) a day off.

Can I comment on the cars?

Sure, but there are rules: Rule #1: Don’t be a dick. Everything else is basically a subset of rule #1. Here’s the mental model we’d like you to use: Pretend the seller of the car is a friend of yours, and another of your friends is interested in buying it. Clearly, they are both crazy. (Note: All car guys are crazy. If we were rational, we’d all be driving five year old Civics or minivans.) Your job is not to prove to the world how smart you are and how dumb the sellers and prospective buyers are, your job is to be respectful and helpful to both. Note: If Car A is for sale, commenting that you would rather have Car B isn’t really helpful. Duh. Obviously, no personal attacks, racist, sexist or other inappropriate comments will be tolerated. We have a zero-tolerance, one-strike, throw-your-ass-out policy. It’s our site, and we can, and will, ban you for life if we feel like it. Wanna talk trash? Start your own site. If we've made a mistake, let us know. If you don't like the profile picture of another commenter, keep it to your own damn self.

I don’t want my car on your site

Well, if you contact us, we will remove it. But we assure you that doing that will be counterproductive to your objective. Remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity. If some dipshit commenter says he doesn’t like your car, do what Taylor says and shake it off. When we were selling a mid-engine Renault R5 Turbo 2 (one of our personal cars) in 2015, it was covered by another site, and several folks there commented that the Minilite wheels we added were inappropriate! (That’s what happens when you learn everything you know about cars by playing video games.) We added a comment pointing out that the factory rally cars had Minilites. If a commenter says something uninformed about your car, just register, log in, and inform him. Remember, the more people talking about the car you are trying to sell, the better for you.

Your domain is too long!

We have a four-letter response for you. Well, actually, a four-letter domain. It starts with a “C.” You’re smart, you can figure it out.

Can I tell you about a cool or weird car for sale?

Certainly! If you find something that you think is worthy of featuring, let us know. If readers point out a car we didn’t know about, we’ll give a shout-out to the first person who brought it to our attention. Click here to tell us about a cool or weird car. We are working on other ways our readers can pitch in as well, so stay tuned.

How do I follow Car of the Day?

We have many ways to keep up with our finds: Subscribe to our Email Newsletter- we’ll send you an email six times a week detailing our most recent finds. Facebook Twitter Or just visit us right here on the site, whenever you want. It’s free!