About COTD

We are a group of enthusiasts who love searching out cool and/or weird cars, but our wives, girlfriends, and bank accounts say we can’t buy them all. Years ago we traded links to eBay and Craigslist finds via email, then put this site together to make it easier to share. Now we are bringing CarOfTheDay.com to the world, giving you a daily ration of info and links to some of the rarest, fastest, and craziest cars for sale. You’re welcome.

See bios of our fearless leaders and some collaborators and contributors below. Some other folks are operating behind the scenes for the time being.

We know that for every interesting car for sale, there are a bunch of people who would like to know about it, and (usually) at least one person who would love to have it. We hope this site will entertain you, and maybe even help you find the car you didn’t even know you were dreaming about.

We are an Ohio company, Carchasers LLC, with an office in the Cincinnati area, and contributors around the country. We started running the site privately in 2011 and formed the business in 2012. (BTW, we are not associated with the TV show “The Car Chasers.” According to the often-correct Wikipedia, “The Car Chasers” show premiered on CNBC in 2013 and ended its run in 2015. If they relaunch that show, please let us know so we can try to sell them our several carchasers-related domains for big bucks.)

Paul Allen

Editor and Founder

Paul Allen emerged from the womb a car nut, subscribing to Car and Driver at age 11, buying a $750 VW-powered Porsche 356C in high school, swapping that anemic powerplant for a worn-out 356B engine, then rebuilding that in his bedroom. Later educated as a mechanical engineer, he joined start-up Cincinnati Microwave, doing the mechanical design for the first Escort radar detector, and later as VP of Product Development and Marketing, led the teams that developed the first Passport and Solo detectors. Years later, as a consultant he developed the Passport G-Timer performance meter. He is inventor or co-inventor on twelve patents. In 2005 and 2006 he created FordGTprices.com, a blog that tracked Ford GT production, sales, and selling prices, accurately predicting that the cars would drop to MSRP. The site received positive press coverage in Car and Driver, Sports Car Market, Edmunds.com, and Autocar in the UK. Now officially an old guy, he has lived long enough to own a broad variety of enthusiast cars (many of which he should have kept), including M3, S4, 356, 911, C4, 904, STi, Callaway’d Mk I GTI, Golf R, ’65 GT350, Ford GT, RX7, R5 Turbo 2, X-11, Elan Sprint, Elise Sport 190, MGB/GT, Miata, 323GTX, Galant VR4, VW bug and bus, TR4A with gorgeous but totally impractical Fiberfab Jamaican body, several bikes including 400F, 550F, 750F, CBX, and Transalp, and a wornout Malibu 9C1 cop car used to tow a pop-up camper on his honeymoon. Driving experience includes nothing serious, but several decades of successful autocrossing, winning an annual Rallycross three years in a row, instructing at PCA and BMWCCA track days, participating in Brian Redman’s Targa 66 track events, and talking his way into the Automobile Magazine "Sideways Challenge" (Oct 2003) as the token amateur, and finishing mid-pack, somehow beating Hurley Haywood and Buddy Rice. (The article including a sidebar he wrote about the experience was icing on the cake.) Current rides include a 993 C4, MGB/GT, ’65 lo-po Mustang, old Miata, 944 Turbo Cup factory race car (bought new 29 years ago!), and Honda Element dog-hauler.

Chris Tonn

Large Editor at Large

Chris Tonn is a lifelong classic sports car enthusiast, as he was driven home from the hospital in his father's Datsun 260Z. He thinks it still had the awful flat-top carburetors, but as he was three days old at the time, he can't be certain. Chris grew up around sports cars from Datsun and MG, but will happily lust over cars from any country and manufacturer. An Iranian-built Peugeot is near the top of his must-own list. Chris has been writing about cars, classic or otherwise, for over five years. A veteran deal spotter, he served four years at Bring a Trailer before joining Car of the Day, and also writes for The Truth About Cars and U.S. News and World Reports. As a father of two girls, Chris drives a newer Chrysler minivan - though something with a big block and Di-Noc would be a perfect replacement - and uses a rusty old Miata as a shelf, waiting for the day that it can be uncovered as a priceless barn find.

Dave Wendt


Dave Wendt is one of the country's leading automotive photographers. Books featuring his work include The Complete Book of Porsche 911, Legendary Corvettes, Ford GT: Then and Now, and The Best of Adobe PhotoShop. His work has also appeared in Car and Driver, Road & Track, Cavallino, Porsche Panorama, Time, Rangefinder Magazine, American Photographer, and many others. His company also publishes annual Exotic Car calendars and Muscle Car calendars (the perfect holiday / birthday / Fathers' Day / Ground Hog Day gift- order before midnight!). You can see samples of his amazing work at www.DaveWendt.com.

Allen Gingrich

Secretary of Code

For what Allen lacks in car knowledge, he makes up for in programming and web development experience. When not feeding into Paul's OCD habits of adjusting elements down to the pixel on Car of the Day, he is running his Cincinnati web development business Ideas and Pixels, serving out a life of indentured servitude to his common-law wife and daughter, and developing indie video games that one day just might be playable.