The Wildest Hot Rod We’ve Ever Seen

The Wildest Hot Rod We’ve Ever Seen

1957 Kenworth Hot Rod

They say inspiration comes in many forms. We’d imagine this massive hotrod is inspired by a nightmare after one too many bad truck-stop hot dogs.

Based on a chopped and stretched ’57 Kenworth cab, this big rig has custom frame rails to manage the twin-supercharged two-stroke Detroit Diesel 12v71 powerplant. No numbers are given, but from what we’ve seen elsewhere, we’d guess the big V12 puts out around 600hp.

We can’t imagine trying to drive this – the turning radius has to be unmanageable.

It’s on craigslist in Denver for $50k or offer.

1957 Kenworth Hot Rod engine 1957 Kenworth Hot Rod overhead 1957 Kenworth Hot Rod front quarter

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