Not The Prettiest Lotus, But Still A Real Seven

Not The Prettiest Lotus, But Still A Real Seven

1972 Lotus Super Seven Series Four

Lotus went off the rails with the fourth generation of the Super Seven, known as Series 4 – in lieu of the classic lines of the ’50s-designed roadster, a blocky fiberglass body has been fitted. It’s not the most popular.

And yet, it’s still an original Lotus, without the kit car stigma of Caterham, Westfield, and the scores of handbuilt one-offs. Yes, we’re aware that Lotus often offered these as kits, and that Caterham is legitimately the successor of the factory cars – but how often does a Seven owner get asked “Is it real?”

Assuming this author would fit, we’d love a chance to answer that question.

It’s on Craigslist┬áin Milwaukee for $22,500 or offer.

1972 Lotus Super Seven interior 1972 Lotus Super Seven engine 1972 Lotus Super Seven yellow front quarter

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