Bavarian Perfection, Perfected

Bavarian Perfection, Perfected

2000 BMW Z8

German car makers often get an unfair rap for building sterile, technically-perfect cars without soul. But when the shackles are released to build something special, brilliant cars can result.

Like the limited-production Z8 seen here. A 400hp V8 in a roadster, and only (until the Alpina came along) available with a six-speed manual? Yeah, it was expensive – handbuilding a car will do that – but it’s just so good.

The red interior is a marvelous contrast to the silver exterior – it livens up everything. As always with anything this expensive, though, we suggest a pre-purchase inspection.

COTD hereby suggests that you send one of our writers for a pre-purchase test drive – we’d gladly sacrifice by driving this beauty for a few months to make sure it’s ok for you.

It’s on eBay in Texas for $180k or offer.2000 BMW Z8 silver rear quarter 2000 BMW Z8 interior 2000 BMW Z8 engine

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