Aluminum Body Means Real Cobra? Not So Fast

Aluminum Body Means Real Cobra? Not So Fast

Kirkham Cobra 289 Replica

Be ready to continually answer the “Is It Real?” question at every car show and fuel stop. So many fiberglass Cobra replicas are out there that enthusiasts are conditioned to ask.

The original Shelby Cobras were bodied in aluminum, rather than the fiberglass typically seen on replicas, so eagle-eyed onlookers know to look at the material. But now that Kirkham Motorsports is building beautiful alloy-bodied cars, that’s no longer a telltale.

This one has been finished with a stroked Ford smallblock, but still needs paint before installing the rest of the interior. The hand-filed aluminum finish is kinda cool, though – we’d be tempted to leave it as is. We love that the builder chose the relatively-demure 289 body rather than the wildly-flared 427.

It’s on eBay in Alabama for $125k or offer.Kirkham Cobra engine Kirkham Cobra interior Kirkham Cobra overhead


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