The Ultima(te) Test Of Toupee Glue

The Ultima(te) Test Of Toupee Glue

2006 Ultima Can Am

720 hp in an open-top car. Seriously, hold onto your hat.

We looked at an Ultima GTR a few weeks ago, and while this 406ci small-block Chevy is well short of that car’s 1200hp, it’s still brutally quick. We’d be tempted to remove the vinyl all over the car with the car’s name – it just looks cheesy.

We are surprised to see what looks to be a rudimentary four-barrel carburetor on a modern high-performance car. We’d be inspired by the “Can Am” name to fit a mechanical fuel injection system with eight tall velocity stacks sticking out of the bonnet.

It’s on eBay in Pennsylvania with reserve not yet met.2006 Ultima Can Am interior 2006 Ultima Can Am yellow rear quarter 2006 Ultima Can Am engine


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