When You See What’s Under The Hood, You’ll Be Blown Away!

When You See What’s Under The Hood, You’ll Be Blown Away!

1989 Suzuki Swift

There are plenty of discussions around the web on various forums where people daydream about oddball engine swaps. One favorite engine of these keyboard fabricators is the fantastically powerful Suzuki Hayabusa engine, which produces around 200hp from a 1300cc four, mostly by revving well over ten thousand rpm.

Well, somebody actually did it. And in a Suzuki, no less.

We are a bit surprised this was built as a front-engine rear-drive car, however. It seems plenty of engineering went into redesigning the suspension to work. It also has a reversing gearbox, so it can actually be driven like a “normal” car on the street.

It looks the part – it’s not overly showy, but the paint has a gloss that isn’t natural for an old econobox. The blacked-out Enkei RPF1 alloys are pushed out to (and slightly beyond) the edges of the fenders giving a perfect, aggressive stance.

It’s not quite done, however. The seller mentions that the brakes aren’t great, and that a second brake master cylinder is required. Plus the interior is rather bare. We’d redo the brakes, throw some insulation on the floor as well as carpeting, and drive it daily until our hearing was gone.

It’s on eBay in Florida for $15k or offer.

1989 Suzuki Swift interior 1989 Suzuki Swift engine 1989 Suzuki Swift red profile 1989 Suzuki Swift red rear quarter

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