Not Your Typical Manx

Not Your Typical Manx

1976 Meyers Manx SR2

As if there is a typical Manx, considering how rare the original buggy is these days. But different. It’s indeed a Meyers-designed car, but meant as a street car rather than a buggy. The scissor doors and targa roof are interesting features.

Oh, yeah – take a look out back. There’s a little extra there, too, with a Rajay turbo kit atop the 1600cc VW four. Any ideas on how powerful this can be? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve any idea.

It’s on eBay in Buffalo with reserve not yet met.

1976 Meyers Manx SR2 engine 1976 Meyers Manx SR2 interior 1976 Meyers Manx SR2 yellow front 1976 Meyers Manx SR2 yellow front quarter

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