Don’t Just Buy A Car. Buy The Company.

Don’t Just Buy A Car. Buy The Company.

1980 Willow

Or, at very least, buy everything to keep building the car over and over again.

These Willow kit cars are a tube frame chassis, with a fiberglass, Can Am-inspired body on top. This auction is selling two, plus all the molds and jigs to continue building more. It was even written up in Road & Track magazine – and is apparently being sold by the founder of the company.

One of these is powered by a transverse Pinto engine, driven through a Fiesta transmission – the other, a 100hp electric motor. These look like fun, assuming you have plenty of shop space for everything.

They are on eBay near Reno for $29,500 or offer.1980 Willow magazine 1980 Willow white rear quarter 1980 Willow grey front quarter


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