Budget Ferrari. Only Needs A Bit Of Work

Budget Ferrari. Only Needs A Bit Of Work

1978 Ferrari 308GTB

And assembly. And paint. And probably some parts that may or may not be in the milk crates…this could be a seriously scary project.

And still..it’s intriguing. This would be great if you have a shop with plenty of space and access to a paint booth. Quality paintwork is a big deal with exotics, and the reassembly will take plenty of time and room to sort out parts.

Or, get a Maaco paint job and wedge a Chevy LS in the back somehow. Heck–piss off every Ferrari fan by putting a Fiero V6 and Pontiac badges all over it.

It’s on eBay in California for $34k or offer.1978 Ferrari 308GTB engine 1978 Ferrari 308GTB interior 1978 Ferrari 308GTB pile of parts

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