A Modern Land-Speed Build, Inspired By the ’50s

A Modern Land-Speed Build, Inspired By the ’50s

Custom Flathead-Powered Lakester

With cheap surplus aircraft belly tanks being readily available in the ’50s, the lakester style of land-speed record racers became ubiquitous on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This one is a recent build, having first run Bonneville in 2012 at over 160mph.

This is powered by a 245hp Ford flathead V8, with mechanical fuel injection. The build looks thorough, and quite fun. Shame there are very few places where it could run, though. Hard to turn up at a vintage road race with one of these..repacking the parachute after every corner would get old quite quickly.

It’s on eBay in Calgary with reserve not yet met.

Custom Flathead-Powered Lakester body off Custom Flathead-Powered Lakester engine

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