An Inspired Custom Truck

An Inspired Custom Truck

GMC M211-Based Custom Pickup

Inspired by a dream, nightmare, or hallucination..we aren’t certain which.

We aren’t even certain how to title this page – we punted and went with the name and model of the cab, since it’s based on a GMC military deuce and a half truck. Clearly the grille is Jeep..apparently the rearĀ fenders are from a ’57 Chevy? Random sheetmetal everywhere connects these disparate bits. It’s unusual, for certain.

The custom theme continues inside. A tall shifter built from welded Ford connecting rods is topped with a lawnmower piston. The seats are military-issue, all metal torture buckets, “padded” with a pizza box. A row of mostly Autometer gauges is on the custom dash – note, however, the highly-customized, paper-and-ink speedometer.

After all that..yeah, we’re guessing it’s the hallucination.

It’s on eBay in Northeastern Ohio with reserve not yet met.Rat Rod custom pickup  rear Rat Rod custom pickup dash Rat Rod custom pickup engine Rat Rod custom pickup interior


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