An MG From The Nineties! That Still Has A Carb….

An MG From The Nineties! That Still Has A Carb….

1990 MG Maestro

MG left these shores in 1980, tail figuratively between its legs, as labor issues, safety regulations, and an increasingly competitive marketplace made their only car uncompetitive. But the badge lived on, as an upmarket and sporty trim level for Austin hatchbacks and sedans.

The Maestro was a reasonably popular family hatchback in England, but relatively few were sold elsewhere. This one, a Dutch-market left-hand drive model, was brought over to the US last year. Despite never having been imported, servicing it should be little hassle, as the drivetrain is derived from the Mini. It’s still the 1275cc BMC A-series engine, breathing through a single SU carburetor. It’s not likely to be much of a performance car. It has a bit of rot, too..but overall looks solid. It could be an interesting daily driver for the hardcore MG enthusiast.

It’s on eBay in Pennsylvania for $3900 or offer.

1990 MG Maestro interior 1990 MG Maestro engine

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