Nader Saved Us From This. WHY????

Nader Saved Us From This. WHY????

1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa

While the first generation of the Corvair did indeed have some tricky handling due to the swing-axle rear suspension, once 1965 came around, the car was as competent as anything else to come out of Detroit. That’s the year of the redesign, which in addition to a new body design (that’s arguably one of the best to come out of Detroit), also replaced the swing-axle with a fully-articulated system similar to the Corvette’s.

This one is stunning. While the modern alloys aren’t to everyone’s tastes, they allow wider tires to further improve the already-stellar handling. The suspension looks to have been slightly lowered, too. This has to be a joy to drive, especially with the 180hp turbo engine.

It’s on eBay in Maryland with reserve not yet met.

1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa engine 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa red profile

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  • Raymond Wardrop

    Nader probably didn’t get a kickback and we all know what happens when people in positions of power don’t get paid!!