Odd Tuner Five-Series On A Budget

Odd Tuner Five-Series On A Budget

1994 Hartge BMW 530i

This seems like such a great deal. Originally spotted by our friends at the Obscure Cars For Sale Facebook group, this Hartge-tuned E34-chassis 5-series looks to be a cheap hotrod sedan. Sadly, beyond the body kit, wheels, suspension, and exhaust, we can’t exactly tell what’s been done under the hood. It looks great, and probably sounds fantastic with an free-flowing exhaust, but it’s hard to say how much quicker it is than a standard V8-powered 5er. Still..it’s very cool.

It’s on Kijiji in Montreal for 10,000 Canadian – about $7500 US.

1994 Hartge BMW 530i black rear quarter 1994 Hartge BMW 530i interior 1994 Hartge BMW 530i black front quarter

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