Rivets, Rivets EVERYWHERE!

Rivets, Rivets EVERYWHERE!

1968 Alfa Romeo GTV

The Alfa Romeo GTV is a well-loved sports coupe, known for surprising performance on and off the track. Alfa also offered the extremely lightweight GTA, which substituted aluminum body panels, plastic windows, and massive riveted flares to cover the much wider than stock wheels and tires. This is a mostly-faithful GTA replica meant for the track – we say mostly as the carbon-fiber dashboard is certainly not period correct.

This is a beauty, with only three hours of track time since completion. The only concern is where it would be run – would vintage sanctioning bodies accept it since it’s a replica?

It’s on eBay in Florida with reserve not yet met.

1968 Alfa Romeo GTV dash 1968 Alfa Romeo GTV red rear 1968 Alfa Romeo GTV red front

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