Clearly, COTD Needs To Rent A Car Hauler And Go To The Pacific Northwest

Clearly, COTD Needs To Rent A Car Hauler And Go To The Pacific Northwest

1977 Toyota Celica GT

Those of us here who are into classic Japanese cars have noticed with envy that Oregon and Washington seem to be loaded with desirable cars from the ’70s and ’80s that have otherwise rusted to bits here in the salty east. Take this Celica. These just don’t exist here.

This one has been repainted in the original orange, but otherwise looks to be basically untouched. The interior is probably the worst, with a cracked driver’s seat. No, it’s not a hardcore sports car, but rather a comfortable, fun cruiser.

Looks like time to book a one-way flight to Seattle.

It’s on eBay in Vancouver Washington with no reserve.1977 Toyota Celica GT orange profile 1977 Toyota Celica GT engine 1977 Toyota Celica GT interior 1977 Toyota Celica GT orange rear quarter


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  • Lucas Wollam Jr.

    You’re correct on the sheer number of Japanese classics in the Northwest. And they’ve always served as practical transportation for people rather than being viewed as something to be treasured. Back in the day I had a ’76 Corona wagon that I bought for $1. Yes, $1. Sold it for $500. Not a bad investment. I now have a super clean, one owner before me, 1994 Isuzu Trooper (with manual transmission) that had only 93k when purchased a year ago. But it wasn’t being pimped as a classic, just a $2k transportation vehicle.