Mustang Speedster?

Mustang Speedster?

1965 Ford Mustang

Not often one finds a car with a cut-down windscreen like found on old British roadsters or Porsche Speedsters. However, we don’t see any provisions for a soft what happens if it rains?

If the new owner doesn’t like the P-51 Mustang theme, it’s a vinyl wrap easily removed to reveal brilliant black. And for more hidden beauty, the engine has been replaced with the four-cam Coyote V8 out of the modern Mustang, which should produce at least 400hp. Thankfully, four-wheel discs have been fitted.

It’s on eBay in Phoenix for $29k or offer.

1965 Ford Mustang engine 1965 Ford Mustang interior 1965 Ford Mustang silver rear quarter

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