Instant Star Of Any Show

Instant Star Of Any Show

1937 International Harvester D300

Every Friday night cruise, every big hot rod show, every Cars and Coffee will have plenty of the usual cars. ’57 Chevrolets. ’32 Fords. Chevelles and Mustangs. Mopars of the late ’60s. Walking the aisles of these events can get boring, honestly, since there only so many interpretations of the same theme.

This, however, will stand out. The builder dropped a cab-over-engine truck body atop a Crown Victoria chassis. It should be plenty reliable, and reasonably quick. We might suggest replacing the factory airbag-equipped steering wheel, however – airbags are meant to deploy in a certain fashion at a certain angle, and to restrain passengers in concert with a seatbelt. This completely different interior compartment and lack of seatbelt could be dangerous. Still, we love what’s been done here.

It’s on eBay in Oregon for $40k or offer.1937 International Harvester D300 brown rear quarter 1937 International Harvester D300 interior 1937 International Harvester D300 engine


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