Hello. Are You The Apple Car?

Hello. Are You The Apple Car?

1990 Pontiac ASC/McLaren Grand Prix

With today’s news that Apple, maker of fine consumer electronics such as the Newton and the Apple II cassette drive, is considering buying McLaren, we had to look at the potential consequences.

We aren’t certain exactly what the tech company plans on doing with the storied supercar maker, but there must be some who will want to see the return of this fine automobile. Built in partnership with Pontiac, McLaren turbocharged the venerable 3800 V6 to produce a whopping 205hp.

This one needs a bit of TLC to the paint – we’d suggest driving to the Genius Bar and seeing if they can paint it rose gold.

Oh, and with this particular Apple/McLaren mashup, we are pretty certain that you do get a jack.

It’s on eBay in Pennsylvania for $6k or offer.

1990 Pontiac ASC McLaren Grand Prix engine 1990 Pontiac ASC McLaren Grand Prix interior 1990 Pontiac ASC McLaren Grand Prix red profile

Editor’s Note: Yes, we are aware that ASC/McLaren has absolutely nothing to do with McLaren Cars of England. We still think this is funny.

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