The Best British Sports Car For Most Buyers

The Best British Sports Car For Most Buyers

1973 Triumph TR6

This writer grew up with MGs, and absolutely loves them, so it pains him to say it..but the Triumph TR6 is the best English roadster for most people today. The inline 6 engine is the big difference maker – it produces plenty of power to keep up with modern traffic, and yet is easy enough to work on for most new mechanics. It’s cheap enough to still find parts for a reasonable price.

This one looks nearly perfect – for the price of a preowned Miata, you can have a classic that should retain plenty of value. Those redline tires look spectacular against the silver paint, even with the oh-so-Seventies tape stripes down the flanks of the car.

It’s on eBay in New Jersey for $18k or offer.1973 Triumph TR6 interior 1973 Triumph TR6 silver profile

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