Any Lower, And The Fuel Tank Would Be Dragging

Any Lower, And The Fuel Tank Would Be Dragging

1962 Ford F100

There are some custom lowriders out there that simply look ridiculous, assembled with little thought as to how the car will look or perform. Others, however, simply look right. This F100 looks so right.

Built off the three-year-only “Unibody” F100, which unusually mated the truck bed to the cab as one piece, this truck looks remarkably sleek for a half-century old rig. Read more about the short-lived Unibody trucks here on

Mercifully, the builder of this custom Ford actually chose a Ford drivetrain – it’s one of our biggest hotrodding peeves to find a small-block Chevy crate motor under the hood of just about everything – with a 351 Windsor mated to a C6 automatic. Those 20″ steel wheels are perfectly chosen, as well. It’s lost a good bit of truckness in the conversion, but we love it.

It’s on eBay in Tennesee with reserve not yet met.

1962 Ford F100 interior 1962 Ford F100 engine 1962 Ford F100 green white rear quarter

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