The Ultimate In Pre-War Performance

The Ultimate In Pre-War Performance

1978 Auburn Speedster Replica

It seems that before the second World War, Indiana was the place to build truly great cars. Duesenberg, Cord, Studebaker, and Auburn all called the Hoosier state home. Auburn had a reputation for fast, beautiful sports cars, like the “Boattail” Speedster.

No info is given on the firm that built this replica, based on a ’70s Lincoln frame and powertrain. From a few feet away, it looks convincing enough, though taller and narrower tires/wheels would make it look more period correct. The interior is a letdown, though, with a tiny steering wheel and a modern CD player spoiling the vintage look. Still, it’d be an interesting, eye-turning cruiser.

It’s on eBay in Florida for $58k or offer.1978 Auburn Speedster Replica interior 1978 Auburn Speedster Replica red profile


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