A Family Hauler That Hauls Ass

A Family Hauler That Hauls Ass

1982 AMC Concord

Well, since the roll cage and the tubs for the massive rear wheels have eliminated the rear seat, we probably shouldn’t call this a family hauler. Still…we love it. How many AMCs will show up at any drag strip ever? This will turn heads everywhere. For the kids who grew up in the ’80s, everyone knew someone who’s mom drove a wood-paneled Concord wagon…

We’d have to wonder if the Chevy 350 is enough to make this quick, though. The seller seems to have no clue what’s under the hood: “I was told it’s a 350 Chevy,  I never bothered to check, it runs great,  has some drips, has the usual bolt-ons,  Edelbrock intake, headers, and cam, Flowmasters.”

It needs a bigger carb atop a high-rise manifold – there is plenty of room under the cowl-induction hood. C’mon..it’s a drag racer. Put some thought into the engine.

It’s on eBay in upstate New York for $8750 or offer.

1982 AMC Concord engine 1982 AMC Concord interior 1982 AMC Concord brown profile 1982 AMC Concord brown rear quarter

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