An Unusual Family Ragtop

An Unusual Family Ragtop

1993 BMW 318i Baur TC4

We have to wonder about the appeal of a Baur convertible conversion when the BMW factory was building their own, traditional convertibles by this E36 generation. It certainly is different, as the full-frame doors look kinda funky when the top is down.

Our other concern – this was clearly privately imported from Europe, and is a 1993 model in 2016. That’s about 2 years early for the 25-year import law – this might be hard to register for the road. It is in Florida, where the DMV will title just about if you keep it in the Sunshine State you might be ok.

It’s on eBay in Tampa with reserve not yet met.1993 BMW 318i Baur TC4 sky 1993 BMW 318i Baur TC4 black rear quarter 1993 BMW 318i Baur TC4 interior 1993 BMW 318i Baur TC4 black front quarter

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