It’s Like A Miata, But With Power

It’s Like A Miata, But With Power

2000 Honda S2000

It’s hard to discuss the Honda S2000 without mentioning its predecessor in the Japanese roadster game, the Miata. Arguably, Honda may have never built the S2000 without the success of Mazda’s hot little ragtop – and ultimately, the Miata continued while the S2K left these shores forever. But the Honda had something the Miata could never have, at least from the factory – POWER. 240hp, to be precise, and a motorcycle-like 9000 rpm redline.

This one has barely been driven, with only 12k on the odometer after sixteen years. It’s not perfect, with a couple of door dings, but it’s close. These are magnificent sports cars, with a great following of enthusiasts, and they seem to be holding their value well. Snap it up now while they are affordable.

It’s on eBay in Colorado with reserve not yet met.2000 Honda S2000 black profile 2000 Honda S2000 engine 2000 Honda S2000 interior

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