Missing A Headlamp..Look Closely

Missing A Headlamp..Look Closely

1989 BMW 325i

We have to wonder how well the lighting works on this E30, as it’s missing a high beam lamp. However..we’d gather that the cold air being supplied by that hole is quite welcome to the turbo inlet. The seller claims over 300hp at the wheels, making this much more stout than even the vaunted M3. This should be one seriously quick car – and if the wheels weren’t so showy, it would be a heck of a sleeper. As it sits, the large chrome lips put this BMW dangerously close to the “stance” culture so reviled by many enthusiasts.

It’s on eBay in Virginia with reserve not yet met.1989 BMW 325i engine 1989 BMW 325i interior 1989 BMW 325i white front 1989 BMW 325i white rear quarter

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