Lawyers Just Ruin Everything

Lawyers Just Ruin Everything

1988 Westfield Super Seven

Many enthusiasts are familiar with the story of how Caterham continued the production of the Seven when Lotus bailed, but another UK company, Westfield, decided to build similar Sevens as well. Caterham sued, Westfield lost, and had to change the designs of their cars.

This Seven, however, was built prior to the lawsuit, so it is referred to as a pre-litigation car. It has been rebodied with an all-fiberglass body from a newer Westfield, though, so has a slightly different look. It’s a stunningly gorgeous car for those masochists among us, though some here at COTD are concerned that we’d never fit in it. Still, it’d be nice to look at, even if we could never drive…

It’s on eBay in Ontario for $30k Canadian, or around $23k US.1988 Westfield Super Seven engine 1988 Westfield Super Seven interior 1988 Westfield Super Seven yellow rear quarter


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