The Definition Of A Driver-Quality Classic

The Definition Of A Driver-Quality Classic

1991 BMW M3

Classic enthusiasts throw around a bunch of terms relating to the condition of the cars: Concours quality. Ten Footer. Project. Trailer Queen. Driver.

This E30 M3 easily fits the “Driver” category, which is a good thing indeed. While we appreciate seeing cars that are clean enough to perform surgery on, cars are meant for driving, and sometimes the sacrifice of an imperfect panel fit is worth getting to drive a fun car hard.

That this car was probably a third of this price less than five years ago is indeed a shame, except for the seller who is jazzed about the recent uptick in M3 values. Still, this is a great car where it counts – in the twisties.

It’s on eBay in California for $36k or offer.

1991 BMW M3 black rear quarter 1991 BMW M3 interior

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