Hot Hatch. Some Finishing Required For Maximum Hotness.

Hot Hatch. Some Finishing Required For Maximum Hotness.

1989 Dodge Colt

The COTD team admires the ambition shown by the builder of this turbocharged Dodge Colt. Stuffing the 4G63 engine and transmission out of an Eclipse into a smaller bodyshell is part of a time-honored hot-rodding tradition.

But the execution could have been better. Why not, while the engine was out, clean up the engine, paint the valve cover, and replace the now certainly overworked OE radiator? Why not, when swapping in the modern seats in the rear, route the seatbelts through the appropriate holes? It was a budget build, of course, but the next owner of this cool little Chrysler/Mitsubishi hybrid will have a bunch of detail work to complete.

It’s on eBay in California with no reserve.

1989 Dodge Colt engine 1989 Dodge Colt interior 1989 Dodge Colt white front quarter

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