Solid Starting Point For..Well, We’re Not Sure What

Solid Starting Point For..Well, We’re Not Sure What

1975 Porsche 914

Porsche fanatics know that the 914 rusts. Badly. So, starting with what is clearly a clean, solid body shell is important for any 914 project.

However, the enhancements to this 914 are a bit beyond the typical. A fixed roof, custom fiberglass bumpers, and aluminum ducting on the sail panels are all unusual choices. The seller claims that nothing was cut to make these modifications – so they theoretically could be reversed.

Still, any decent Porsche engine/transmission will nearly double the cost of this car. A Subaru turbocharged 4 would be a good, cheap alternative, if cooling can be worked out.

It’s on eBay in California for $10k or offer.1975 Porsche 914 interior

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