Baby Corvette Styling Without That Pesky Performance

Baby Corvette Styling Without That Pesky Performance

1972 Opel GT

Indeed, this looks to be a Coke-bottle Corvette that went through a hot rinse cycle a few too many times. There’s no denying the resemblance.

But the Opel had to conform to the typical European standard of performance, which meant a small, efficient four-cylinder engine. Thankfully, this one has the optional 1.9 liter, rather than the tiny 1.1 liter standard engine, as that automatic transmission will blunt any attempts at performance driving.

But it’s gorgeous, and this one has been nicely restored. ┬áIt should make for a lovely cruiser and show car.

It’s on eBay in Florida with reserve not yet met.1972 Opel GT engine 1972 Opel GT interior

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