Overcompensate In Style

Overcompensate In Style

2006 Ford F650

Imagine rolling into the Home Depot parking lot next Saturday morning for a few 2x4s or a load of mulch in this Ford F650. Your neighbors in their puny half-ton trucks will gaze up at you in envy.

Of course, when you need a ladder to get the lumber out of the bed, there may be a few laughs.

This was a show truck built for the SEMA show many years ago, and naturally has all of the bells and whistles expected from such a show. Video screens, snakeskin seats, and a pricey flame paint job will grab all sorts of eyes.

If you have a big boat, a few horses, or a race car to haul, this might be a great choice…

It’s on eBay near Chicago for $78k or offer.2006 Ford F650 engine 2006 Ford F650 interior 2006 Ford F650 yellow rear quarter

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