Holy Bilge Pump, Batman!

Holy Bilge Pump, Batman!

The Amphicar has always been an automotive enigma. A unique hybrid* resulting in both a mediocre car and mediocre boat (and we’re being generous in both categorizations), it was spec’d with an equally odd choice of components.

What is the last material you’d choose for a vehicle that might live in salt water? We’d say steel. And that’s what they chose.

If you were a German manufacturer in the 1960’s and wanted a small, reliable 40 horsepower engine for a car, you’d probably choose…a VW engine, right? Reliable, always starts, and manufactured only a few towns away. But what did they choose instead?

A heavy, iron block, low power, British (and thus by-definition unreliable) engine from a Triumph Herald. WTF? Crack hadn’t been invented yet, but clearly the Amphicar designers might have been under the influence of something just as mentally destructive.

As for this car, we love it. To the Batswamp! Find the Batmobile Amphicar in Missouri here on eBay.

*No, it’s not a Prius, dipshit. “Hybrid” is a broad term meaning simply “something that is formed by combining two or more things.” A Prius has a hybrid drivetrain combining both electric and gas powerplants. The Amphicar is a hybrid formed by combining a car and a boat.

batmobile amphicar front batmobile amphicar interior batmobile amphicar rear

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