Prepare To Become Very Familiar With Your Local Tire Shop

Prepare To Become Very Familiar With Your Local Tire Shop

1986 Toyota Corolla GTS

That is, of course, if you decide you must drift this Corolla. Drifting, for those unaware, is a form of driving/motorsport where the car is in a (hopefully) controlled slide around corners, with tires smoking prodigiously. The AE86-chassis Corolla is the iconic car for drifting, popularized by the Japanese manga comic Initial D.

10 years ago, this would have been just another used Corolla, but since drifting became popular here, the Corolla and other cheap rear-drive cars have become subject to the “drift tax”, growing in stature and value exponentially.

This one is gorgeous. Thankfully, undercarriage photos show a rust-free chassis, and it looks only very lightly modified from the outside. The biggest visual change are the staggered, Minilite-aping alloys – perfectly chosen for this car. Under the hood, a mostly stock engine breathes through a pair of Mikuni carburetors, sure to give better throttle response than the original fuel injection.

We are intrigued by this Toyota – and looking forward to watching how high the price goes.

It’s on eBay in Chicago with reserve not yet met.

1986 Toyota Corolla GTS interior 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS engine

1986 Toyota Corolla GTS red profile

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