If An MG or Triumph Is Too Mainstream…

If An MG or Triumph Is Too Mainstream…

1977 TVR 2500M

…a TVR, followed by graduate-level classes in fiberglass repair and SU carburetor tuning, very well may be the answer to your classic car problems. Here at COTD University, we specialize in enabling questionable automotive purchases, and virtually spending other people’s money.

This TVR looks to be in excellent condition, and could indeed be, as the seller claims, the “best 2500M in the country.” Of course, there were fewer than 800 brought here, so that may not hold much weight. Still, it looks quite good save the ugly speakers in the hatch, and the ’90s-vintage head unit in the dash. The fabric sunroof was likely dealer-added when new, and should make the stuffy cabin breathe much better than a TVR not so equipped.

It’s on eBay in Pennsylvania for $20k or offer.1977 TVR 2500M engine 1977 TVR 2500M interior


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