Family Tourer

Family Tourer

1973 Triumph Stag

Automakers frequently try to imbue their cars with some sort of personality or animalistic traits via their names. Names like Eagle, Viper, Jaguar, Stingray, and Mustang either imply a ferocious hunter, a dangerous predator, or otherwise athletic and swift animal.

Triumph, in their infinite Leyland-era wisdom, chose to name their top-end luxury convertible after a deer.

This Stag is a gorgeous, however. Save the cracked top of the dash, we spot no flaws in the lovely brown finish, nor anywhere else in the car. The automatic transmission is a shame, but likely fits the “relaxed cruiser” vibe of the Stag much more than a manual.

It’s on eBay in Houston with reserve not yet met.

1973 Triumph Stag brown rear quarter 1973 Triumph Stag interior 1973 Triumph Stag engine

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