Zastava Hot Rod

Zastava Hot Rod

1990 Yugo GVX

It’s not like we have a firm “no Yugos” rule here at COTD, but they have to be very good (or remarkably awful) to earn a spot on our pages. This GVX might be worthy. It’s not quite to concours┬ácondition, but should a new owner wish to do so, it might not be too challenging to get this to showroom condition or better.

Of course, the speed demon within us would like to see an even larger, 1500cc Fiat engine fitted, with dual Webers and plenty of power. Since this is being sold for close to the original MSRP, though, we might be better off waiting for a cheaper, rattier Yugo to build into our dream hatch.

It’s on eBay in Maryland for $5500 or offer.1990 Yugo GVX interior 1990 Yugo GVX engine


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