Rough Rocket

Rough Rocket

1987 Maserati Biturbo Si

“Said to have more than 400hp” is a rather dubious claim on a car that looks this weatherbeaten. There will be so much to do to get this Maserati in presentable condition – the paint is toast, the leather is frayed, even the engine bay looks shabby.

But the appeal is there. This is a car similar in size and mission, if not in personality, to the legendary BMW M3. If that 400hp claim is even close to truth, this could be a seriously fun car. Heck, leave the cosmetics alone, fit good tires, and go beat up on Corvettes at some trackdays.

It’s on eBay in Arizona with no reserve.1987 Maserati Biturbo Si engine 1987 Maserati Biturbo Si interior

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