What Does A Racecar Driver Drive For Fun?

What Does A Racecar Driver Drive For Fun?

1994 Jeep Cherokee

Take a close look at the details on this auction. It seems that this unusually-modified Jeep was modified and is being sold by none other than Dale Earnhardt Jr’s race team near Charlotte. Typically, we are a bit concerned with eBay sellers with zero feedback…

While we’ve seen unusually-modified off-road rigs before, this stripped-down Cherokee looks to have been thoughtfully put together. The external rollcage looks stout. Naturally, a Chevy smallblock is under the hood. Everything added to this rig looks well chosen, and well cared for. We only wish the legendary seven-bar Jeep grille were intact.

It’s on eBay near Charlotte with reserve not yet met.

1994 Jeep Cherokee orange profile 1994 Jeep Cherokee engine 1994 Jeep Cherokee dashboard

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