Motown Sound

Motown Sound

1972 Intermeccanica Italia

Most non-enthusiasts, when encountering this Intermeccanica on the street, would naturally assume that a high-strung Italian V12 would lie under that long hood. Imagine the surprise when a familiar V8 rumble rattles the mirrors.

This looks to be in nearly perfect condition, save a couple details that are out of place on a six-figure car. While Minilite/Panasport alloys do look magnificent on nearly any older sports car, we’d expect to see either wire wheels or something resembling a Cromadora alloy on this. Also, that head unit and the cheesy Pioneer speakers on the rear deck must go. There are any number of outfits offering vintage-looking car stereos that will produce modern sounds. Though we’d prefer the Ford 351 soundtrack…

It’s on eBay in Georgia for $120k or offer.1972 Intermeccanica Italia interior 1972 Intermeccanica Italia engine


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