Think different, bigtime. 1969 911 “front-dated” (?) to 1980’s look.

Think different, bigtime. 1969 911 “front-dated” (?) to 1980’s look.

1960 Porsche 911 front-dated to 1980s look

It’s generally accepted that the most collectible 911’s are the early cars. As a result, owners of some newer models have “backdated” late 911’s so they look like early ones. This is commonly done using 911 SCs or 964 Porsches from the 1980’s, keeping their modern drivetrains and safety features, but having the appearance of a great “vintage” 911 from the 1960’s or 1970’s. Check ’em out here and here.

And now for something completely different.

This example is, well, exactly the opposite. Someone took a vintage 1969 911 Targa, and “front-dated” it (hey, maybe we just invented a new term!) to look like a 1980’s 911 cab.

Find this 1969 Porsche 911 front-dated to 1980’s 911 appearance here on eBay.

1969 porsche 911 frontdated rear 34 1969 porsche 911 frontdated 341969 porsche 911 frontdated engine 1969 porsche 911 frontdated interior

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