Poster Child For Bad Timing

Poster Child For Bad Timing

1991 Lotus Elan

Imagine being a Lotus salesperson in the late ’80s and early ’90s. ┬áThe Hethel factory has just sent a wonderful new roadster, with great handling despite the front-drive layout, and turbocharged power. Good times, right? Nope, because the Mazda dealership down the street has a new roadster too, though theirs is clearly inspired by the OLD Elan.

Shame, really, because while we do love the Miata, different is good. These were actually very good cars. It has a bit of wear, especially on the driver’s seat, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

It’s on eBay in Salt Lake City with reserve not yet met.

1991 Lotus Elan engine 1991 Lotus Elan interior 1991 Lotus Elan red rear quarter

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