Louvers Everywhere!

Louvers Everywhere!

1980 Toyota Celica Supra

Despite the doom and gloom predicted by some people concerned about global warming, we have to assume the sun was simply brighter and hotter back in the early Eighties. What else can explain the prevalence¬†of rear window louvers on nearly every hatchback-equipped car of the era? Heck, this Celica Supra has ’em on the rear quarter lights as well.

Other than the louvertastic¬†exterior, this is a great looking old Toyota. What it isn’t, however, is quick..with only around 120hp from the malaise-era inline six, this doesn’t seem like the progenitor of the drag-race-friendly final generation Supra of the ’90s. Still, for Toyota fans, this is a beauty.

It’s on eBay in St. Louis with reserve not yet met.1980 Toyota Celica Supra engine 1980 Toyota Celica Supra interior

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