Brown. Diesel. Manual. Wagon.

Brown. Diesel. Manual. Wagon.

1979 Peugeot 504 

This Peugeot is the grail for a certain subset of eccentric auto enthusiasts. There are so few wagons on the road, even fewer with a manual transmission that this is automatically cool.

That this 36-year-old Pug has survived in such pristine condition is a testament to the owner, who has pampered it with regular maintenance from a marque specialist. This is a stunning car.

It’s probably painfully slow to drive. No matter. We’ve already (against spousal advice) checked into one-way flights to LAX.

It’s on Craigslist in Southern California for $5800 or offer.

1979 Peugeot 504 brown front 1979 Peugeot 504 brown profile 1979 Peugeot 504 brown rear quarter 1979 Peugeot 504 cargo area 1979 Peugeot 504 dash 1979 Peugeot 504 engine 1979 Peugeot 504 interior

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