Big Miles, No Rust

Big Miles, No Rust

1985 Honda Civic 1500S

Really, when’s the last time you’ve seen one of these that WASN’T completely rotted?

For those who don’t know Hondas, the 1500S model was the hot Civic until the Si came along. It still had the 76hp engine of lesser models, but sportier seats and a rear sway bar made handling better and more enjoyable.

We just wish the seller had taken better photos. Even with over 2ook on the odo, this has some serious collector potential.

It’s on eBay in California for $3k or offer.

1985 Honda Civic 1500S engine 1985 Honda Civic 1500S interior 1985 Honda Civic 1500S red rear quarter 1985 Honda Civic 1500S red profile

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