If Miata Is Always The Answer, What Was The Question?

If Miata Is Always The Answer, What Was The Question?

1999 Mazda Miata

Spend even a few minutes on nearly any internet car forum, and you are certain to encounter someone asking for car buying advice. Almost as certain is the appearance of another person, suggesting that a Miata is the best choice for them.

Even if they need to tow a horse trailer.

Seriously, the Miata is generally beloved by almost all, and for good reason – it’s a great handling, reliable sports car that looks good, and can do many things quite well. It can be a great race car, autocrosser, rallycrosser, or back roads tourer. But it also excels as a commuter, with great fuel economy.

This ’99 model is the first year of the second generation – referred to by enthusiasts by the NB chassis code. The NA (pop-up headlight) and NB versions are the most true to the car’s initial “pure, lightweight, sports car roadster” vision. Most examples now have odometer readings in six figures, with most low-mile examples being burdened with the optional automatic transmission. A┬áthree-pedal NB like this one with under 30k on the odometer is a rare find. It needs a bit of detailing to the clearcoat, but otherwise it’s a perfect example of the internet’s favorite car.

It’s on eBay in Connecticut with no reserve.1999 Mazda Miata interior 1999 Mazda Miata black front quarter

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