Group B For The Road

Group B For The Road

1986 Ford RS200

Back in the ’80s, rally racing was the home of some of the most technically advanced engineering. Stratospheric horsepower, all-wheel drive, and some crazy designs led to some seriously fast machinery – the Group B regulations had relatively few restrictions, other than requiring 200 roadgoing models be built to homologate a design. Unfortunately, as rallying takes place on mostly public roads, with spectators often inches off the surface, multiple fatal tragedies doomed these wild cars.

The Ford RS200 was one of these homologated cars. With all-wheel drive and a powerful mid-engine turbo four-cylinder, it was properly quick. This one was one of the last cars built, and didn’t sell until 1994 – to an American collector. It’s been pampered, clearly – for this kind of money, it has to be, though we’d love to get it sideways in the gravel.

It’s on eBay in Texas with reserve not yet met.1986 Ford RS200 interior 1986 Ford RS200 white rear

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