Exotic Miata Alternative

Exotic Miata Alternative

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

As reliable as a similar-vintage Miata would be (we’d know, we have Miatas in the COTD stables) there is something charming about an Alfa Spider. The plastic bumpers and body kit distinguish these late cars from the iconic cars made famous by Dustin Hoffman, ironically devoid of plastic, but this is still a beauty.

Of course it leaks oil. Naturally the odometer and the air conditioning don’t work. That’s part of the charm, right?


We thought so. Classics appeal to the irrational, to the romantic in all of us. Else we’d all drive five-year-old Corollas.

It’s on eBay in South Carolina for $8500 or offer.1991 Alfa Romeo Spider engine 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider interior

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